Maintaining good standards of water hygiene and controlling levels of dangerous waterborne bacteria, including Pseudomonasand Legionella bacteria, which causes the potentially fatal condition Legionnaires’ disease, is an essential component in the successful management of any engineered water system. Dirty and poorly maintained water systems, old and dilapidated pipework, neglected water tanks and poorly managed cooling towers can lead to a significant deterioration in water quality standards. Importantly, such conditions can also create ideal environments for the growth and
I recently spent some time traveling around rural Tanzania, trying to better understand the way the communities, cities, and regions manage their water. As we departed from the last village, we handed out cookies to the children who had gathered to watch from a distance while we toured the farms.  I can still picture the smallest boy when I gave him the last cookie; his eyes lit-up, convinced he was the luckiest of boys.  In this
If time travel were possible, and an engineer from the 1860s could travel in time to 2019, he (the first female engineer had not graduated yet) would not recognize much of the technology we have today.  Personal computers, cell phones, cars, planes, and antibiotics would probably be unfathomable to him.   But he would definitely recognize our current piped water and sanitation (WSS) infrastructure, as it looks and operates almost exactly the same as it did
Simple-Easy -Fast. A simple 3-step way to clean water. MajiAfya technology is an amazing innovation from top Japanese research Scientists that turns potentially deadly dirty water into clean, safe, drinkable water.   A new way for people anywhere in the world to purify water in a simple, affordable, and convenient way.